Falkirk FC locked in takeover talks

Falkirk FC, who play their trade in Scottish League One which is the 3rd tier of the Scottish Professional Football League, are locked in negotiations that could lead to a multi-million pound takeover.

Falkirk TakeoverEnglish businessman Mark Campbell has pledged a seven figure cash injection in the hope of taking Falkirk back to the Scottish Premiership which would also include investment to improve the Falkirk Stadium facilities along the way.

Former Celtic chief scout John Park is set to become Falkirk’s football director as part of the takeover. It is claimed that he will be immediately provided with funds to invest into the squad if a deal can be signed off before the summer transfer window closes.

The bid is one of three considered by the Falkirk Board and major shareholders which they have all unanimously agreed to proceed with. One of the other bids was a fan ownership proposal but the club said it “did not match the exceptional vision and the financial strength of the proposal the board is now considering in detail.”

Talking about his bid take over the club, Campbell said: “We still have to go through due diligence and detailed negotiations with the Club, but we are hopeful we can have everything in place by the end of August.

“I’ve been hugely impressed by what has been achieved at Falkirk. The Club has a large and loyal fan base and I want to work with these fans and the staff to make the Club everything that it should be. I am looking forward to engaging with fans, so that I can get to know them and they get to know me.

“I am interested in the long term sustainability of the Club which will have an exceptional football director In John Park, and working with the fans and the local community I want to make the Falkirk Stadium an exciting hub for sports and community.

“I have wanted to own a football club for some time. I’ve looked at a number in England and Scotland, but when I was introduced to Falkirk I saw huge potential and an opportunity to achieve something special on the field and to make more of the facilities to help sustain the business for the long term.”

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